A post a day for the month of June

Once upon a time I tried to set myself the goal of a post a day forever - it was hard and I failed almost immediately. Forever, it turns out, is a long time. Days, weeks or months later I look back and think, this was supposed to be the future; Where are the flying cars, the robots, my posts?
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Does older browser support matter anymore?

I've run into a few problems with some of the web apps I've been building lately as I'm sure others have. The explosion of the cloud is only going to lead more and more people down the exact same path. Let me just briefly explain the architecture which will help you understand why it's a problem.
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Coworking in Heben Bridge or my office is soon going to be a bedroom!

My partner is mid way through her pregnancy, we're expecting number two, so within the next year I'm going to need to find somewhere else to work. Even if we end up with two girls and they can share a room, I'm just not not sure it's going to be practical to work from home with two young children. Even with just one I've been finding myself in the library more and more for the piece and quiet. Which got me to thinking about coworking and reaching out to see if there is anything in town or any interest in setting something up.
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Customer Support, a tale of three companies.

Over the last few months I've deal with a whole bunch of companies, as a customer. Three stand out. One awful, one iritating and one today, fantastic.

Virgin Media

Last year when we moved home we moved out of a cable area, generally being happy with Virgin Media though and not wanting to pay the early termination fee we opted to go with their ADSL service. Of course these things never go smoothly and we had to have the ADSL line already here terminated, a new account created when that happened and it was all going to take a few weeks.
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To follow or to nofollow...

Sorry if you came here wondering if you should nofollow comments or something else on your site or blog, but I'm looking at it more from a crawler's perspective. Though if that is why you're here you have something to add.
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From freemium to pay to play

Increasing prices, obviously, can help your bottom line - as long as you don't alienate you users in the process by increasing them too much. But what if you're running a fremium model, free accounts for users hoping that the features of a paid for account are inticing enough that they'll give you money, and it becomes too expensive to service them. Can you get away with moving to a paid only model>
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American English vs British English

A question most web companies in the US probably don't have to worry aboutbut one almost all British ones must is, do we write our pages in British English or American English?
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Twitter Spam, is it really an issue?

Andrew Hyde posted "A Message to Twitter Spammers" suggesting that something needed to be done, but does it really? In my comments to his post I asked if it was really necessary for Twitter to go that far, and weather it was really a problem at all. 
I'm not sure they need to go so far as to ban users that do it. As twitter grows communities are going to form around the speakers that have the most to offer. If the people mass following then unfollowing have nothing to say eventually their followers are going to move on.
The problem I have with wanting Twitter to do something about this is that it seems to me to be an argument by people who feel like they've earned their following against people they feel haven't. An argument you could interpret at elitst and at it's most base level it's just users upset that they're now having to deal with their 
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