I’ve just renewed my domain for another 10 years and figured it was time I put something on the website. It’s been pointing to a github pages 404 page for some time.

I’ve rebuilt the whole thing, it should for the most part work, though older posts might have funny markup and the formatting may be a bit different. I’ll have a look at fixing them over time I guess.

I’ve gone with Octopress again, 3.0 this time. I’ve looked more into what Octopress and Jykell do and I’m not sure that I get much more with octopress, so I may one day soon go with a pure Jykell site.

The design, as it is, isn’t much but a work in progress for now - hopefully over time I’ll be able to get that working a bit better.

Also once I’ve figured out what I’ve done, what I want to do and all that I’ll do my best to document some of it here.

For now, that’s about it.