In case you haven't heard, didn't know or are just joining me - I used to work 2 1/2 days a week as an employee writing code for another company and the rest working for goroam. The problem was always that I had to put my job first and goroam second- obviously, since one paid and the other didn't. That was up until this weekend, when I got a letter telling me I had don't have a job anymore. So I've got a stark choice the wrong side of this close to Christmas, work hard to turn out the product we've been building for the last couple of months, get investment and make something truly great of it. Or get a job. You hear plenty of confident statements about downturns being the right time to start great companies, all the successful ones that began when it was logically wrong. To actually have to make the choice is a difficult position. I wonder how it will work out, anyone with a comment either way - leave a comment!