Once upon a time I tried to set myself the goal of a post a day forever - it was hard and I failed almost immediately. Forever, it turns out, is a long time. Days, weeks or months later I look back and think, this was supposed to be the future; Where are the flying cars, the robots, my posts? So I'm going to try an experiment. I'm going to write something here every day for the whole of June. I'm going to try to avoid writing the posts all in a day and scheduling them, because that's not writing something here everyday. I've just been to BarCamp Leeds 2009, sproozi is coming along well, we're re-launching GoRoam to focus more on consulting work we do and want to get more involved with, I'm getting involved setting up some coworking, open coffees and other things to try to get more involved and collaborate more with the local entrepreneurs and the digital community in Hebden Bridge; so really there isn't any excuse, I have enough to say to easily fill 30 days. So, a post a day for the month of June - Day 1.