[[posterous-content:ByqskufswwnprelCChrJ]] I Released Announce.ly last night, it's a side project I put together with some of the code that I built for Sproozi. What's it good for? Announce.ly makes it easy to make announcements through twitter. People have lots of questions about how to use twitter for their business. Should you create an account in the name of the business and use that to communicate, use some of the tools out there to share access to the account. Or you could create an account as a personality to represent the business, many company CEOs do this. Either way works and there are lots of companies out there following both models successfully but there is another way. I want to be myself on twitter, I want to make announcements for the projects I'm involved in and I want the project accounts to retweet me when I use hashtags associated with the projects. I don't want to have to manage accounts for every project. For example if I tweet an announcement about Announce.ly - "Announce.ly is live! #announcely" then I want the Announce.ly twitter account to retweet it automatically And that's what announce.ly does, check it out now to start your free trial then head on over to the Announce.ly blog where we'll highlight use cases and feature some of our most interesting users.