I'm having a bit of a clear out, taking a look at some of the code I've written and I've been pushing some of the stuff I'm currently using up to GitHub under and Apache 2 licence. I've used things in Announce.ly, Sproozi and some other small projects and figure they may be useful to someone else. My only criteria has been to ask If I'm using it now in a project, if so I'm actively supporting it and I've started pushing that stuff to GitHub, everything else is dormant and I don't want to release something I'm not actively supporting- it also occurs to me that if even I'm not using it, it can't be all that worthwhile. I've just pushed some code I've been testing for a few months in a couple of projects to GitHub. It's an accounts package written for Spring, that ties my oAuth library and Twitter together with either Hibernate or Hbase as backend storage. In it's simplest form when you login with twitter it creates you a new user and persists it and the oAuth access tokens you need to act on behalf of that user. I'll write some more about it, better documentation and probably throw a little more code up on GitHub over the course of the next couple of weeks as and when I get a chance.