My partner is mid way through her pregnancy, we're expecting number two, so within the next year I'm going to need to find somewhere else to work. Even if we end up with two girls and they can share a room, I'm just not not sure it's going to be practical to work from home with two young children. Even with just one I've been finding myself in the library more and more for the piece and quiet. Which got me to thinking about coworking and reaching out to see if there is anything in town or any interest in setting something up. For a town of it's size Hebden Bridge has a great artistic and creative community and more than it's fair share of creative professionals; creatives, technologists, artists, designers, writer, journalists and programmers like me. It's a great family town but a lot of the houses are fairly small. Perfect it would seem for a co-working setup. I've sent some emails and posted on the HebWeb forums and so far there has been enough positive feedback that I'll pursue it some more.