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I've been a bit quiet lately, but not inactive. I've been working very hard on our location based service project- A better way to search and explore things around you. Right now everything we're doing is happening in the background, laying the ground work for the things to come. Background things like our crawler. I finished the first milestone for our crawler a few days ago and set it loose on the internet. It's been crawling from my laptop, then I moved it to our hosted server and let it do a few crawls from there. After a few teething issues it's finally managed to cross a bit of a milestone - 250,000 pages downloaded, approximately 3000 of them with geo tags have been indexed. I feel a bit like a proud parent, and have spent far too much time just watching the crawl take place. What it's looking for First and probably most important is for any pages that have been geo tagged; second the structure and links to/from a page are being analysed to help create a picture of how important a page is both in an area and in general. I'll try and pop my head above the parapet here and on the goroam site more and more often as we get closer to a launch to try and fill in more of the blanks.