It's been a week or so with a few good days coding in Eclipse, I even took IDEA off my own machines and replaced it so that I'm only working in the one environment and it's going well. I'm pretty much using the default settings and only adding to them a little as I go. I'm resisting the urge to change the key bindings to the IDEA ones. So far I've found a few things Eclipse does that I really like, it has some good highlighting features that make it easy to see where classes, variables, parameters etc are being used. Some IDEA does better - I miss the key bindings for generating code, a lot and it's about the only thing I've carried over and added myself. One thing that really bothers me about Eclipse and that I'm going to see if I can spend some time sorting out tomorrow is the order of maven imports. They're in classpath order, which I suppose in some circumstances is good, but for browsing or trying to look at the imports it's frustrating. 9 times out of 10 I'm looking to see if something is there or looking into the dependencies themselves for something and trying to dig through that mess takes longer than it should. In fact I have to say the whole 'project explorer' in Eclipse is a bit lacklustre. IDEA's is simpler without losing any of the functionality. I'm probably missing something and just need to find some options to make it work more like I'd like (or use a completely different view). Eclipse has a lot of preferences I've never looked at. Aside from that it's all good. I'd have to say some bits of IDEA are more polished, but in other ways I prefer Eclipse. The choice to drop IDEA completely though because I need to use Eclipse at work was a good one - I don't think I'd be making the same progress if I was switching between the two yearning for IDEA all day at work.