When I recently rebuilt my development server using Puppet I decided not to backup my nexus repository since there were all of three files I'd built in there. Today I wanted to start recreating them and couldn't find out how to checkout a git tag. 

A couple of google searches weren't terrible successful and it's something that's not really explained well so here it is. 

To checkout a tag you just have to 
[code]git checkout <TAG_NAME> [/code]

Yes it's that simple. 

You'll probably get the same warning message telling you you're in a detached HEAD state. If you intended to do some work here it's probably a really good idea to take the advice the message gives you and create a branch. You could do that when you checkout by adding -b

[code]git checkout <TAG_NAME> -b <BRANCH_NAME>[/code]

I didn't want to do anything except a [code]mvn clean deploy[/code] to get my library deployed back to nexus, then get back to where I was. So I didn't.