I really dropped the ball on the whole post a day for this month thing. It's been over a week and I haven't written anything. It's like all the other things you're meant to do, then time goes by and you don't and it gets to a point where addressing the issue becomes awkward. Things between us dear reader, have become awkward, it's my fault and I'm sorry.  I've just been quite busy, I know it's not an excuse, but there it is anyway. So let's try to get back on track in the form of an update. Sproozi is coming along, I've had a few setbacks with the code and we've changed the scope some. We had to make a decision about content for a real launch we're selling to investors and actual users as opposed to the few that happen upon our non functional demo. The problem was that although the crawler worked pretty well, better than I'd hoped, the results were a bit lacklustre.  We weren't confident that the data we brought back was going to set the world on fire. So it then became a question of what is worse no data or crap data? I've also been working on getting a coworking space and some geeky events going going in Hebden Bridge. Lots of work getting emails sent to see if there would be funding available, trying to gauge interest and all sorts of other aspects about it.  I'll have a lot more to say about this in the next few days once I've had a chance to digest where I am. In the meantime, go take the survey- it's here. Lastly I've actually been working on this site in the background. It's on github already over here. I like the simplicity of the look but I want to bring a few more things on to the front page. I really want to integrate my tumblr feed and start using that a lot more for posting links, pictures and music. Also now that I'm back into posting a little more regularly (the irony I'm sure isn't lost on you) I also want to put the blog posts on the front page. Which is where I start to get into things I don't like about the hemingway theme.