I've made some progress over the last few days getting things working towards getting the crawler online and came across a scenario where git would have been useful and had one of those epiphany movements when distributed development clicked and it made sense to me.  The first run of our crawler is based on a pretty vanilla nutch install with some plugins; it works already and saves us an awful lot of leg work. The first thing I wanted to do was quickly mavenise it so we could better integrate it into our development environment. Problem is if I pull the trunk, I can't commit and update from our own internal repository and the Apache one.  I intend at some point, once it's working and I'm happy with it, to submit a patch back to the ASF but in the short term I just want to share my fork with other developers on my team. This is where git would come in. Next I was hoping to start to move the configuration over to the springframework IOC controller, to see if/how it works or doesn't, again I'd submit the patches if the community was interested.  When I get a bit of time in the next few weeks I think I'll install a central git repository for our dev environment and trial a transition there. Has anyone tried something similar, is git what I'm looking for?