Image by ASurroca via Flickr
Previously I made some vague statements about location based services being the future of mobile. I just want to go back and touch on the point I made at the end of that post and highlight it a bit. when I'm out there the data I want most is about out there When I'm sitting somewhere waiting for someone I use my phone to check on any any feeds I'm following or to read my email, but I want so much more than that. The fact of the matter is location does matter, because but more often than not I want to know more than just where my nearest coffee shop or bar is; and I want to know more than just how to get there. I want the depth of information I can find on the internet, but I want to see it on a map and I want to see it relative to where I am. I want more than is on offer right now with location based services. I want to be able to pull a richer set of information off the Internet and overlay it on a map. I'm not entirely sure what that richer set of data is, or how to display it - I just know it's not what is out there now. It's not just a glorified business directory, it's not just directions to somewhere and it's not just a simple news mashup. Watch this space. ;)