Again, I'm here apologising for letting things slip a little. I've been busy and posting has unfortunately suffered for it. I've been working hard trying to get things moving for goroam, and it's been time consuming. I basically spend the last half of last year bogged down with a project and had no time at all to spend on it, so for the last half of this year the focus is really to turn it around, launch a few things and start bringing some revenue in. Our biggest project at the moment is running an online marketing campaign for Mediqol a medical device consultancy. Our lofty goal is to show up in the first position for the search keywords medical device, short term we're just interested in optimising the adwords campaigns, and increasing organic traffic for the keywords we know work. Then there is Citrus - Work is progressing, but we might be looking at an end of the year launch for it. My gut feeling is that we won't be anything approaching a launch before the end of November. In the meantime we're looking into a couple of smaller launches. I have a couple of ideas for tools and products that tie into the Citrus roadmap that we can launch. I'm going to spend some time this afternoon and weekend writing some posts to get on top of it again.