Things around here have stalled a bit I've not had much free time what with a new job and travelling. The time I have had I've spent getting a build server setup. Replacing my ageing trac/subversion install is something I've meant to do for a while and just never got around to. Ultimately I'm working on a continuous deployment solution for Sproozi, but while I do that I'm also keen to get my other public and private projects into a CI build cycle and get my maven artifacts deployed so they're useful. The other major goal was to move all my main projects out of trac/svn and into JIRA/Confluence/Fisheye/Git. Trac and subversion are fine tools, and they've worked well for me for many years, but trac suffers when it's running more than one project; you either need to work around the tool or have separate installs per project and I can get JIRA, Fisheye and Confluence for $10 each which is a great deal. I have no real complaints about svn, except I've started using git as my preferred client and I'm sick of typing 'git svn command' whenever I want to do anything. Also my subversion repository holds a fair bit of code from a few projects both new, old and dormant as it grows checking out gets irritating. I'm happy with the move to GitHub and public hosting of my other projects, I like git and I liked the idea of promoting projects into repositories of their own and git lets me take the history with the project. So I've decided I'll keep my subversion repository, use it as I do now as a sandbox to keep code I'm working on in, for code I don't think is quite ready to be promoted into a project of it's own. When a project is ready I'll move it (and all of it's history) out of subversion and into a git repository of it's own. My public projects are all in GitHub and I don't see any point in using my local tools to manage them in anyway. So I'll keep them all over there. Any new ones will get promoted over there too. Over the course of the next few days/weeks I'll document what I did here, partly in case anyone else cares, partly so I can do it again if I ever need to. I'm not sure how many posts it will take me because I'm not quite finished the process yet.