A friend of mine, Duncan is starting a new business and needs a website. He's importing high end mountain bike components and I'm pretty excited about it. I know I shouldn't be planning to spend money on a new bike frame - I should be saving it for important family things, but the frames look great, anyway I digress.

Duncan needs a website to promote the business and knowing us, we were an obvious choice. A few weeks ago he called me to chat about it and we arranged a meeting. He's done a great job of setting the ground work, has taken some great action shots of the Zambi frames with a pro phtographer. All he needed was a great site to help him sell.

Simon [goroam cofounder] and I had a discussion about where we were going, what we wanted to do and how we wanted to get there. Our conclusion was: we're too busy to take on a the website in the next couple of weeks and give it our full attention.

sorry duncan

So we met up, bought him lunch and told Duncan straight that we were too busy. We talked about alternatives and suggested working with logoworks.I didn't like to dissapoint him by not taking on the work - but I think long term it would have been more disapointing all around if we had. Instead I've offered to give him a hand with any helpful advice he needs to get going and we opened the possibility of later working together to develop and promote both his website and online marketing strategies once the initial design work was done.

It's hard to say no to work, and money when you're a small company, but sometimes it's for the best. We wouldn't have been able to do as good a job as either we or Duncan wants if we did agree to take the work, and we wouldn't have been able to deliver it in a timely fashion.

check him out

Duncan has already spoken to another designer and should get the site he wants soon. When it does go live, and if you're looking for top of the line mtb gear give them a few days to sort the site out then check it out, All Mountain Imports