Spent this weekend at Bar Camp Leeds 2009, it was great. There were some good presentations and talks and I really enjoyed getting out and talking to other people in the digital and creative industries. I've been working from home now for a couple of years and it's sometimes easy to get caught up in a routine and to forget that part of things. It's easy, despite all the blogs and twitter messages we - or at least I, constantly read- to forget that there are people nearby doing very similar things. In the case of Hebden Bridge, quite a few. Getting out there and meeting people has really hit home the idea that I would find a coworking space in Hebden Bridge  immensely useful. I've been in touch with some of the people involved with the Town Hall project and the whole idea for the creative quarter they've got planned looks great. It's probably a couple of years off though and what interests me most isn't the building; it's the community, collaboration and sharing of ideas.That's something that can start without any funding, so I've been wondering what can be accomplished in the meantime.  Starting now also gives the Town Hall project the best social proof and traction for the concept possible. So what's next? I'm going to try and organise an open coffee, try to guage interest in making it regular, coworking and maybe even somewhere down the line try to start our own Hebden Bridge BarCamp or unconference, with it's diverse make up I bet it would be something unique.