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Came up with a good distraction tonight and thought briefly about being an iPhone developer. Was chatting with @Simon_Chapman (not sure I'd bother clicking there - nothing but tumble weed) about the various services out there and was trying to come up with a unique way to use some of the new features offered by the iPhone 3.0 software. Specifically we were talking about how to use the new support for in app purchases and location to build a compelling service. The first thing that came to mind was pretty obvious and no doubt you'd just end up a small fish in a big pond with some monsters, create a service to search for and buy tickets for events near you. The next idea that came to mind is to create a map based podcasting application. Allow any geotagged podcasts to be places on a map. Browse the map and get some audio or video about things around you. Revenue could be either generated through advertising or through access to premium content. There you go, that one's free, unless I find the spare time to develop it myself. ;)