I have a real problem with bookmarks. Actually I have a few problems with bookmarks: There are too many, they're a mess, they don't make any sense and I can't search them. Basically they're a good idea, really badly implemented. I have a list of bookmarks, I try to keep them organised but there are hundreds every few months I have to go through and throw some away. The clutter in my bookmarks also leads to bad habits. If it's something I want to read later, I drag a link to my desktop or I put it in a read later folder. These quickly grow out of hand. Then I start getting protective and avoid saving links, dooming myself to searching for them again. Lately, using Google Reader I've come up against another problem - I'm building a whole new set of bookmarks in the form of starred items, except these are completely separate from the rest of my browsing but I keep doing it because it's easy and I can search them. When it comes down to it my problem is basically simple, I can't ever find anything again! It's even worse if it's something I've found via searches because it might be weeks or months later I try to find the page again and it's likely that the Google's index will have changed in that time. So my searching for something I've seen gets harder. Bookmarking the page doesn't usually make it easier, there is no frame of reference. Unless I've set the title to something useful a lot of the time I find it hard to find things again because lot of the time with hundreds to go through, or I've cleaned it out and it doesn't exist anymore anyway. I've tried delicious and other similar tools, and I like them, tagging my links makes them infinitely more searchable. But it doesn't go quite far enough - it still has a feeling of permanence and exclusivity to it when I tag something and I don't always want to share everything I tag. The other problem with social bookmarking and tagging sites is they provide a tag for me, but no context. So days, weeks or months later unless I've tagged the site well I may or may not be able to find it. I thought I saw a site that indexed the links from delicious, but I seem to have lost it and can't find it again(You see what I mean!). What I really want to see is a site that lets me star or bookmark a page or RSS feed and I want it to index my little corner of the web.